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Easy Issue Creation

  • Email to report issue
  • Use browser addons
  • From mobile applications
  • Simple interface for batch actions

Realtime Collaboration

  • Comments and Tag persons
  • Realtime Notifications.
  • Project & Group Chat Rooms
  • One-2-One Chat

Tagging Support

  • Use multiple tags
  • Filter quickly with single click
  • Global Tag management view
  • Batch modifications

Realtime Reprots

  • pre-built project reports
  • Multiple filters
  • ID, Title based search
  • Multiple sorting options

Powered with all the features you love

Simple Workflow

No special configuration required, four clear panels to view issues. Change status with workflow buttons. Easy drag n drop across panels.

Issues via Email

Save time and enable customers to report issues by sending emails to a unique address. Supports rich text format and attachments.

Key Integrations

Integrations with Jenkins, Zendesk, UserVoice, Version Control and many others.

Unlimited Projects

Manage multiple projects and teams with ease. Create as many projects as you need.

Realtime Collaboration

Comments, tag users, notify via email, instant realtime feeds. Comments, tag users, notify via email, instant realtime feeds.

Easy Migration

Easy single click import from all major Issue Trackers. Also supports CSV based imports from any Issue Tracker

Batch modifications

Modify multiple issues at once using powerful commands. Simply enter for: me to reassign the selected issues to you.

Customizable Fields

Custom fields Define your states, priorities, severity and more with your own values. All issue fields are customizable.

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Time Sheet
Issue Board

Simple, Visual and Collaborative

Integrate with your existing workflow

HelpDesk Systems

Dedicated view to pull, associate and manage support tickets from Zendesk, Uservoice, FreshDesk and HappyFox. Convert to issue, assign release and track progress.

SCM & Jenkins

Support full automation for Continuous Integration environments. Automatically create issues on failure of builds and assign them to default responsible person.

Code Repositories

Use web hooks for Github, Assembla, BitBucket and many others to update issues with code commits. Enables you to update effort spent and issue status via commits.

Issues via Email

Great to engage customers to report issues. With simple configuration, get unique email address for each project. Completely secure, allows only project users to create issues. Supports Rich Text formatting and embedded images.

Stay connected on the go

Migrate easily with API based Import

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Unlimited projects, 3 free users and no credit card required

Capture, annotate and report

It can't get simpler, use Yodiz browser addon to capture screen shot of any web app, annotate, comment and report issues.